Using Recombinant Technology for Goat and Sheep Against Pneumonia Disease

1st Intranasal Spray
Vaccine for Small
Ruminants in the World

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GMP facility setup,
certification and


Market Penetration:
1% from USD 12 billion Global Animal Vaccine Market.


Facility expansion
(local and overseas).
• Launch new vaccines.


Market Penetration:
2% from USD 15 billion Global Animal
Vaccine Market.

Pasteurellosis kills 30%~40% of the world's
goats and sheep population, which leads
to chronic infections and death.

Current Contract Value with
China and Nigeria: USD66 Million, 1%

Worth of 0.5% from 2.2 billion world’s goats and sheep populations.

98% Effective

in reducing mortality rate

Innovative Product
for the future

This intranasal spray vaccine is the first innovative product produced worldwide and created by UPM scientists, led by Prof Dr. Mohd Zamri Saad. These vaccines are developed and produced through the use of advanced recombinant technology and are different from other conventional imported vaccines.

STVac has been shown to be effective in protecting small ruminants such as goats and sheep from bacterial infections that cause pneumonia. STVac has been proven to be able to reduce mortality due to the disease by 98%. The patent for the STVac vaccine has already been purchased and transferred exclusively to Bio-Angle Vacs for commercialization.


Feed-based Vaccine for marine fishes by 2024 and
Feed-based Enhancer for shrimps against Vibriosis.

Cost effective, safe, and sustainable to replace antibiotics.
More effective than injectable vaccines.